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Tlayuda LA

Situated just East of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Tlayuda LA is a little Oaxacan gem of Los Angeles boasting handmade tortillas, asiento-based family recipes and a warranted dose of Mexican Angeleno pride.

Through thick and thin, Laura and her sister, Ana, have been faithfully making ends meet to provide their community with some of the most flavorful slices of Oaxacan cuisine around - including their signature take on a very traditional dish, the Tlayuda Oaxaqueña.

Shooting with these two sisters in their authentic Oaxacan eatery, Tlayuda L.A. Restaurant, proved to be such an enriching experience! No wonder they are Yelp approved.  Don’t let the small square footage fool you - this place packs a punch and should definitely be on your takeout bucket list! 

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